Indoor Air Quality and Monitoring

Ergo Resource Management, Inc., would like to remind you of our Air Quality Testing Services. With the EPA and OSHA adding and interpreting many regulations, often times, Air Quality Testing is necessary to ensure regulation compliance.

When is air sampling needed?

Companies need to conduct air sampling when:
  • Sick Building Syndrome Investigations Occur
  • Determining the need for an OSHA approved respirator program
  • Concern arises about possible indoor air contaminates
  • New manufacturing processes are added, that introduces new materials or chemicals into the work place

  • What types of contaminates can Ergo check?

    We currently have the ability to monitor for the following:
  • Asbestos and other dust particulates
  • Heavy metals, (i.e., Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, etc.)
  • Organic Vapors (Tri-chlor and other solvents, Styrene, grease, paint vapors, gasoline, Toluene and much more).
  • Molds, bacteria and fungi
  • And a broad range of other contaminants

  • What amount of time is needed to complete the sampling?
    Most tests should be run for eight hours to ensure optimum results. However, if due to variable manufacturing process cycles being involved, a four hour test will usually satisfy most regulatory parameters. It greatly depends on the regulation involved, and the contaminant in question.

    How can I learn more about air sampling?

    If you have any other questions, or concerns, please feel free to call our office at (574) 457-8020. We would be happy to assist you in answering questions, determining needs and supplying a quotation.

    Conditions like these can signal that an Indoor Air Quality Assessment or testing is needed.