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NLRB Posting Update
Two federal courts of appeals, the Fourth Circuit and the D.C. Circuit have rejected and invalidated F.A.R 48 CFR52.222-40
Bob Lahrman
Mr. Lahrman completed his A.S. at IPFW in Organization, Leadership, and Supervision. Mr. Lahrman completed a Landscaping Technology Certificate at St. Francis College. Mr. Lahrman has maintained two restricted-use pesticide licenses in the categories of 3a (trees, shrubs, and ornamentals) and 3b (turf) since 1983. Mr. Lahrman currently possesses IDEM Asbestos Project Designer, Asbestos Building Inspector, and Asbestos Management Planner licenses for the state of Indiana. Mr. Lahrman is licensed as an IDEM WT3 and DSS, certified drinking water operator. Mr. Lahrman has been a certified pool operator, a certified playground inspector, and has been licensed in the restricted-use pesticide categories of 7a (general industry) and 7c (food processing and food storage) in the state of Indiana. Mr. Lahrman has been involved with the creation of an Indoor Air Quality Program as well as the investigating and problem-solving "Sick Building Syndrome." Mr. Lahrman has developed a Pesticide Control Policy for a school system, which is still in use and has been inspected by IDEM. Mr. Lahrman has completed the OSHA General Industry 30-Hour Program, has worked in public schools for almost 45 years, and has worked over 20 years in the United States Air Force medical field.

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