About Ergo

Thomas E. Green, M.S.
Client relations, Training and Indoor Air Quality

Scott R. Parker, B.S., CEA
IDEM Certified Trainer
Certified Environmental Auditor
Environmental Reporting and Permitting Specialist

Jerry Hetrick, M.S.
Project Development & Management
Wage & Salary, Human Resources, Labor Relations

Lisa M. Case, B.S.
Project Consultant
Safety & Environmental Affairs
Indoor Air Quality

Calvin J. Gadbury, M.S.
Industrial/Occupational Hygiene and Indoor Air Quality

Dr. Larry W. Phillips, SPHR
Senior Project Manager
Customer Service/Human Resources

Bob Lahrman, A.S.
Project Consultant

Alfred (Al) W. Woody
Senior Project Consultant

Nancy A. Lerch
Administrative Assistant

Additional experiential and biographical data available upon request

- Opportunities -
For those interested in a career in consulting, Ergo Resouce Management is willing to consider applicants for the position of Project Consultant. This position requires in-depth knowledge of one or more of our princial areas of service.
Further, the individual with a broad knowledge of the market area, it's industries and educational instituions is preferred. The successful candidate will bring additional platform and marketing skills to enahnce their personal and company growth.